There’s nothing like the bond between you and your pet, let us capture it with our calling. 

Serving the greater Tyler area, 3 Dogs and A Cat Photography is East Texans’ go-to when it comes to showcasing the love and beauty of your canine and cat companions.

Whether they are large, small, energetic, or even camera-shy pets, we pride ourselves on our ability to capture the individual essence of each and every beloved animal.

We consider ourselves incredibly lucky to be able to take our love for animals and incorporate it into our daily lives. We understand that there is nothing quite like the love between you and your pet, and our passion is to provide proud pet parents with wonderful memories immortalized through the power of photography.

 Our story


It all began when I met a shelter pet named Dodger. That sweet Pit Bull mix captured my soul the moment I met him, and I immediately wanted to capture his the only way I knew how – through photography.

While visiting our local animal shelter regularly to make some memories with Dodger, I found myself falling harder and harder for all the amazing pets around me that were waiting to find their forever family. I knew that I had to do something for them and again I relied on my photography.

We’ve all seen the typical photos of animals available for adoption – they are nothing short of an ugly mugshot. Being a photographer, I know that a picture is worth a thousand words and I quickly realized that for these pets it is worth so much more. I have made it my focus to try and make a difference in the lives of these animals by making them look like pets, not rejects.

The rest is history, really. Some will say that I helped Dodger find a home to call his own, but he changed my life and uncovered my calling.